Custom made, quality sports apparel that your team can be proud of. .

Runner Range

Custom sublimated runners sportswear allows you to print a full-color design on lightweight wicking material without adding any additional weight or thickness. The ink used during sublimation is absorbed by the fabric and becomes permanent nearly instantly. This allows  sportswear to move moisture away from your body and through the shirt.

Runner Vest

High Quality Quick Dry Sublimated Running Mens and Ladies Fitted Vest Running Singlets Top

Runner T-Shirt

A running shirt such as super-soft, lightweight, breathable material, moisture-wicking, sun-protective fabric, and a stunning design complete its stylish look.

Tracksuit / Hoodies

This training tracksuit matches your club colours, lifestyle step-for-step. From a morning run to a chilly shootaround in the park, stay layered up and warm while moving freely and comfortably.


Full range of matching accessories from Arm Sleeves, Buffs, Cap and visors.

the fitter you become...the better the fit....

Runners Gallery

KWIN has grown from a mere 7 running club to over 50 plus clubs. Giving running clubs the look that make them proud of being part of the club. Kwin boast a full range of running apparel.

  • Running Vest
  • T-Shirts Short and Long
  • Warm Up Tops
  • Hoodies
  • Crop Top
  • Caps
  • Slimfit Tracksuits
  • Shorts and Skorts
  • Compression Shorts 
  • Leggings
  • Arm Sleeves
  • Buffs